House of Earth and Blood by: Sarah J. Maas (Crescent City #1) Review

Title: House of Earth and Blood
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Series: Crescent City #1
Star Rating:5/5

Synopsis: For this review I am going to go against everything we know and NOT post the synopsis. I went into this book without having read the synopsis, and after finishing and reading the synopsis my hope is that everyone goes into this blind. The synopsis gives away one of the biggest plot twists for me and I want everyone to be able to get the most out of this story!

Review: This book is a very difficult one for me to review. I have been waiting YEARS for this book to release, and so i went into this story with a bit of a bias. I have had quite a relationship with Maas from the beginning. I did NOT enjoy the first book in her Throne of Glass series, however I LOVED her A Court of Thorns and Roses series.
This book delivered exactly what I expected from Maas. A fast-paced story with characters that you grow to absolutely love. Her books are significantly different from what I usually read, she is strictly a guilty pleasure read for me. I flew through this 800 page tome within days, it is the perfect brain candy.
I really enjoyed the world that Maas created for this new series. The futuristic fantasy world had an urban fantasy/sci-fi fusion feel and it was refreshing to read something completely different from my usual fantasy. There were points in the story where the world-building came off as a little info-dumpy, but was surrounded by enough character development and plot that I did not mind.
The characters were truly what I loved about this story. Everyone on the page was so well fleshed out and you felt like you truly knew them. I am not someone who cries in books, but towards the end I was sobbing. Over the course of the story you become so attached, and I think that is something that is hard to accomplish. Sarah J. Maas pulled this off beautifully.
THE ROMANCE! I am a sucker for romance and I am not afraid to admit it. This book delivered on that front. I was actually surprised that this book was not as smutty as we have come to expect from Maas. It actually made me love the two characters more. In this new story the relationshiop had hundreds of pages to build emotionally before physically and I really appreciated that change of pace for a Maas story.
The plot… oh boy this plot! It went so quick that this 800 page book felt more like 300 pages. Every chapter seemed to end on a cliffhanger. It kept you intrigued and guessing the entire time. It is a RIDE!
Overall this book exceeded my expectations and was an easy 5 star read for me. The worst part is going to be waiting for book 2!

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