This Day by Blanka Lipinska RANT Review

If I am being completely honest, I have been sitting down now in front of my keyboard for about a half hour trying to form coherent thoughts about this book, but I just cannot do it. This is a first in my book reviewing career. I have never given a book 1⭐️ or finished a book I hated so much.
I have a very tumultuous relationship with this series. I heard about these books the same way everyone else did, when the movie adaptation dropped on Netflix. Now it is no secret that the movie isn’t great, but it is the kind of trash cinema that I eat up. I fell head over heels for Massimo and was dying to find out what happens with him and Laura.
So I did the obvious next step, which was to read the first book as soon as it was translated to English. The first book was a hard one for me to review because it followed to movie almost perfectly, so I enjoyed the plot, however the writing was just horrible. Now, I do not think this is necessarily a fault of the author. I think it just does not translate to English very well.
Fast forward a year and the publisher reaches out to me for a review. They not only send me the book on Netgalley, but a physical arc shows up a few weeks later. I will not lie, I was on the fence about reading this one, but this was the push I needed to just do it. What a mistake that was.
My first major gripe is one I will not spend a ton of time on, because it was my biggest issue with the first one. The writing is just not good at all. It feels disjointed, repetitive, and clunky. It is just not a great reading experience and it causes you to feel like you are slogging through the book. I am not someone who typically complains about writing or even notices writing style, so for it to severely impact my reading experience like it did, that’s a big thing.
Now, the plot….. This is where things reallly started to derail. There is absolutely NO PLOT for the first 85% of the book. To be completely honest, those 350 pages weren’t necessary at all to the overall story. It read like a long fan service Christmas novella. This entire book was built on miscommunication and sex. NONE of these characters could have a healthy relationship and they are all incredibly immature. It was the same formula over and over for hundreds of pages. There would be a misunderstanding, someone would go away for a few days, just to come back and have crazy sex and never really address the situation. By the end this was infuriating and I couldn’t give two shits about any of these characters.
As if those two things weren’t enough, then we get into the truly PROBLEMATIC parts of this book. This may contain things that some readers find slightly spoilery, so if you do plan to read this book (which I do not recommend) you may want to skip this section. Also, huge TRIGGER WARNING for sexual assault, pregnancy , and lack of consent moving forward in this review and in this book.
First of all, in the beginning of the book we find out that Laura is pregnant with Massimo’s baby. It is revealed that the “implant” he told her was birth control was just a tracker and he was trying to get her pregnant without her consent. There also seems to be NO consequences to these actions and she’s just like, “oh well, I am marrying him anyway so I am happy and find with it.” I’m sorry, but it is 2021 and we are still reading this shit? No thanks!
Then we find out that Massimo has an identical twin brother who tries to trick Laura into getting sexual with him and assaults her as a “test” to see if she can tell them apart. This happens only a few minutes after she find out her HUSBAND is a twin!
Last but CERTAINLY not least we see Laura kidnapped once again. Of course it is because she is stubborn and stupid and it’s mostly her fault. The issue here isn’t that she is kidnapped again and we basically restart the plot of book one, but it is that she is so deeply in love with Massimo but starts feeling some type of way about her captor and starts dreaming of sexual things with her. Miss ma’am, you have been married for less than 6 months. Wtf. Not only this, but her captor explains in detail him sexually assaulting her while she was passed out when he DRUGGED her, and then says, “just kidding. Do you really think I would do that?” As if it is all one big joke.

This book was a mess y’all. In my opinion, just skip these books and enjoy the movie for the enjoyable trash that it is!

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