Review Policy

The Genres I Mainly Review Are:

  • Fantasy (Adult & YA)
  • Sci-Fi (Adult & YA)
  • Select Romance

This is a SFF focussed blog and I try to stick to highlighting the best in that genre, whether it be adult or young adult. You will also not see very many reviews on this blog that are not positive. I am a big advocate for DNFing books if I am not enjoying them or if I find them problematic. I am not one to force my way through a book just to write a negative review for it. That being said, I do give almost every book a fair shot and if I do decide to DNF a book that has been sent to me for review I will be upfront about that with the publisher/author. 

My reviews will ALWAYS be my own opinion and will not be influenced by publishers, authors, or other outside influences. 

If you have a book that you think would be a good fit for me and my blog shoot me a message using the “Contact Me” tab and I will get back with you quickly!

All books that I receive and review will get:

  • an Instagram story when I receive the book.
  • a blog post/review upon finishing the book and reviewing.
  • an additional Instagram post/story on publication day if it is an ARC! 
  • Review posted on my blog and Goodreads
  • The review will be shared on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter as well.

(I also love coming up with fun little special social posts for extra special books I review!)

Explanation of Ratings:

  • 1-2 stars: As previously stated, you probably won’t see these,as they are books I probably DNF’d therefore will not review on my blog.
  • 3 stars : I really enjoyed the book and overall it was an average story that I am glad I read. This is just a middle of the road book for me. 
  • 4 stars: This is a book that I really really enjoyed. I could not put it down and I was very connected with the story as a whole. 
  • 5 stars: My 5 star reads are typically stories that stuck with me in some way. These are the books that crawl into my heart and fill a little piece of me. It may have really hit me emotionally and had a message that has stuck with me. This is my rating for my all time favorite books.

For additional inquiries/questions/comments feel free to get in touch with me using the “Contact Me” tab.